Maureen Carita

Maureen Carita
Maureen has more than 20 years of experience in content management, technical writing, research, and marketing communications. She has managed websites, created in-depth technical reports and white papers, and developed research and data tracking procedures for private and public sector organizations including the Department of Veterans Affairs, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Transwestern Commercial Real Estate Services, IBM, and several software companies. Maureen has an MBC from George Mason University and a BA in political science from Catholic University.
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Out of the Wild: Taming the Information Beast in the Digital Age

Posted by Maureen Carita on July 27, 2017

As knowledge workers in today’s digital world, we’re constantly bombarded with unstructured information of all types in all formats–emails, news feeds, blogs, research papers, whitepapers, performance reports, market analyses, etc. And information comes at us from all angles, 24/7—from internal organizations, external sources (friendly or otherwise), public websites, and private networks. With the endless barrage, it’s no wonder the term “information overload” has become normalized business parlance in the 21st century.

In an ideal state, too much information would be considered a good thing. Analysts would have abundant data and unparalleled expertise at their fingertips to sift, sort, ingest, massage, and process, thereby creating unique business intelligence and true value for their organizations that improve productivity. But reality tells a different story. The intangible result of information overload is overwhelming chaos in our brains, on our laptops and servers, and by extension, in our larger organizational systems. The basic business result, of course, is lost worker productivity. However, even more debilitating is the lost actionable business insight that’s never created due to the inability to harvest and leverage knowledge quickly.

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