Julia Bellotti

Julia Bellotti
Julia has experience with the US Secret Service’s Washington Field Office, and was a travel correspondent for Reach the World while studying in Amman, Jordan. Prior to joining Tesla Government, Julia worked in project management at a private translation company. She received her B.A. in International Studies with double minors in Arabic and psychology from American University.
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When Big Tech Is Not the Answer—Why Small Businesses Get More Done

Posted by Julia Bellotti on December 19, 2017

Every company wants to be more productive and maximize profit, and to do so, many of them use large-scale productivity suites and apps. But what if I told you the key to productivity was not using a tech giant, but rather, receiving personalized support from a smaller company that can provide you dedicated resources? But Julia, you say, I love how Dropbox/Evernote/Asana/etc. has increased my team’s productivity! Automation! Isn’t involving extra humans an unnecessary step? Respectfully, no.

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Tags: Control, Continuity

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