Geoff Openshaw

Geoff Openshaw
Geoff Openshaw is a Program Manager at Tesla Government, specializing in interagency collaboration at the State Department. He also runs a podcast network and previously wrote for BLOCK Magazine and TalkAndroid.
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Holding 59% of Backlogged Clearances in Its Hands, DoD Announces New "Lines of Effort"

Posted by Geoff Openshaw on August 14, 2017

Obtaining a security clearance can feel like the long march to Mordor: just when you think you have arrived, an angry little monster shows up to set you on a detour that eventually involves crossing paths with a venomous spider. And you lose a finger. 

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When In Doubt, Make A Graphic

Posted by Geoff Openshaw on July 18, 2017


Managing information often results in cumbersome data sets that are not friendly to readers or the poor saps curating them. Whether working through thousands of pages of coded results from polling data or attempting to glean relevant information from lengthy, turgid reports, sometimes we let ourselves get bogged down in mass rather than focusing on that which is salient.

Enter your new best friend: graphics. Recent research found that the human brain processes images at a rate 60,000 times faster than text. The eye is drawn to visuals. Our brains crave information that is easier to access. This isn’t because we are dumb. It’s because reading comprehension is, quite simply, a more complicated task for our minds. A graphic—whether in the form of a map, chart, or infographic—is a powerful tool to convey complex data in a more memorable, marketable, and satisfying way.

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