Joe Dulany

Joe Dulany
Joe has over 30 years of analysis experience in finance, real property, area studies, and international relations. Over the past 20 years, he has supported US government civilian and military organizations as an all-source analyst, intelligence liaison, knowledge manager, and data curator. Joe has a BA in Communications from Towson University and a MA in International Relations from Catholic University.
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We Want to Shape the Future Without Spending Time Building Context

Posted by Joe Dulany on August 3, 2017

The 9-11 Commission stated six primary reasons for restructuring the Intelligence Community. First on the list was that information was not organized. The Commission argued that the importance of “...integrated, all-source analysis cannot be overstated. Without it, it is not possible to ‘connect the dots.’” But what were the dots? Were they data, information, or intelligence? Those dots were pieces of data with no overarching context for their collective meaning because agencies kept their type of data—and likely all their data—separated from other organizations. Because of this separation, the data never made the leap to become information.

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