Andrea Castle

Andrea Castle
Andrea has an extensive background supporting various government and military missions around the globe. In early 2001, she joined the US Army as a human intelligence collector and Arabic linguist, deploying twice in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. She also served as a linguist manager for a program in Central Asia in 2012. She received a BA in foreign affairs from the University of Virginia and studied Arabic at the Defense Language Institute.
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5 Steps to Stop Information Hoarding and Encourage Collaboration

Posted by Andrea Castle on August 30, 2017

“Information sharing” isn’t just a buzzword, it’s a reality for modern-day government operations. However, sharing is difficult. We learned from the 9/11 Commission that the lack of information sharing was a major factor leading to the terrorist attacks that claimed thousands of lives. Looking at the commission’s report, most Americans shake their heads and bemoan the inability of the federal government to have prevented the attack.

The problem seen with information sharing between the FBI and CIA is not unique to those organizations. It’s not even unique to the federal government. We have all faced the challenge of needing information we did not have or did not know existed.

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